Mr. Bilotto and Ms. Wolff Introduce New Science Club

Marist has a wide variety of clubs students can join ranging from sports, academics, personal interest, cultural, and the Environmental Science Club just happens to be one of them.


MH 21 is a room where the new Environmental Science Club meets.

Trinity Eadie, MHS News Writer

This month, Mr. Bilotto and Ms. Wolff created the “Environmental Science Club,” where students of all year levels can convene, work together to plant greenery, learn companionship, and make the environment better.

The club is associated with the Illinois Green Alliance, a non-profit organization that is member-driven and works towards their goal of creating better and healthier places to live, work, and grow. It also pushes the theme of diversity, equity, community, and educating others to be aware of the environment and life around them.

The club meets in room MH21 where Mr. Bilotto teaches biology and environmental science.

Bilotto became involved with the idea for the club by his and Ms. Wolff’s mutual interest in wanting to take better care of the ecosystem.  The school has provided necessary materials and supplies for the club, but both teachers and students are encouraged to bring materials for projects.

When asked about the club’s origins, Bilotto claims, “For this year, I’m teaching environmental science for one of my classes. I thought it’d be a perfect way to get kids involved.”

When Bilotto is asked about the club currently, he replies with, “As of right now, we are just at the starting stage.”

Bilotto talks about possible activities with, “A couple of ideas I shared on the first day was the intro on stuff that we could work on and other things…like recycling or composting.”

Lastly, Bilotto says: “The most important aspect of the club, I would say, is just having a new perspective of the world. Instead of seeing the world as something that we take from and consume whatever we want, we could see the world as more kind of a place where we can learn from and experience. So, I guess the main idea is to learn and appreciate nature and the life around us.”

With hard work and dedication the Environmental Science Club hopes to grow, and hopefully the club will garner more attention, continue with more projects, conversations, and growth.