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A poll conducted by Kevin Curley for Marist students on whether Starbucks or Dunkin is better

Editorial: The Battle of the Brews: Starbucks vs. Dunkin’

Kevin Curley February 15, 2024

With early mornings, Marist students never fail to make a trip to the nearest Starbucks or Dunkin’ to get in their daily boost of energy. As we know Starbucks is the better choice. Don’t believe me?...

Photo of Marist High School Main Gym Entrance, showing a sign prohibiting firearms

Editorial: The Case for Creating a Safer Tomorrow

Ethan Froylan February 14, 2024

The United States of America has a gun problem. I believe with the passage of universal background checks, a federal assault weapon ban, and red flag laws, we can drastically lower...

What - Like its Hard? Easy to love Legally Blonde 

What – Like it’s Hard? Easy to love ‘Legally Blonde’ 

Ava Krueger February 9, 2024

Legally Blonde is a movie I can watch a million times. This movie had me laughing, and crying at the same time. After watching this movie I want to be Elle Woods.  Last time I watched this movie it...

Marist sophomore Aubrey Rowe manages her time by doing homework during her free period

Editorial: Is Homework Necessary?

Brooklyn Ritter February 9, 2024

Students discuss the purpose of homework almost every day. Some students think homework is helpful and some think it is not needed. I personally think homework is useful and teaches students different...

Saga entering Brightfall

Editorial: Why Alan Wake 2 Is a Masterpiece  

Carmen Houppert February 8, 2024

Remedy’s latest video game, Alan Wake 2 blends the mediums of gaming, live action, music, and written word together in a celebration of art that has never been done before, and its narrative redefines...

Junior Aileen Ward with seniors Rickie Roberts and Ava Mayer smiling on a late start Thursday

Editorial: Marist Needs More Late Starts

Ava Krueger February 8, 2024

This year, Marist has implemented late starts one day a week to let their teachers have professional development before school. I believe late starts benefit students. In fact, I think there should be...

The Marist cheer program before a competition

Editorial: Cheerleading and Stereotypes: The Real Truth

Caroline Gutritch February 6, 2024

Cheerleaders have long been a part of American culture portrayed in movies and TV shows. We have all seen the cheerleader portrayed as a dumb, blonde, who is dating the quarterback of the football team...

The Marist basketball team huddled together in this picture on their Instagram page

Editorial: Why the Rowdies Should Return to Basketball Games

Mike Philip February 2, 2024

Marist sports have one huge problem in common, and it has nothing to do with the teams and their performance. This past year, the Marist student section seems to have taken a break from its usually rowdy...

Sophomore Addie Woodward shows off her sweatpants

Should Marist Allow Sweatpants Under Skirts? 

Aubrey Rowe February 1, 2024

Throughout the 2023-2024 school year, Marist High School has had a problem with the female dress code. Many females would like to wear sweatpants under their skirts, but the staff are not allowing it....

MHS Media poll shows the vast majority of Marist students are against a book ban

No Book Bans

Bryanna Lopez January 31, 2024

Growing up in an environment that encouraged curiosity and embraced diversity of thought, I'm strictly against the idea that parents and other adults should have the authority to ban books from schools...

The Marist chapel is always open for students and faculty to privately spend some time in prayer

Editorial: What My Catholic Education Means To Me

Ava Krueger January 30, 2024

I have been attending a Catholic school for the past 11 years. Growing up, I never realized the sacrifice my parents had to make for me to attend a Catholic school. Both my parents went to public school...

Photo via: Murals Your Way, “Movie Theater Seating Wall Mural”

My Top Five New Fall Movies

Trinity Eadie, MHS News Writer November 1, 2023

This fall, there are some new movies coming out that I am looking forward to seeing. Here, I will share which ones I am most excited about and think you should as well. 1.Five Nights at Freddy’s The...

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