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Country Music: Giddy Up and Get Out!

Editorial: Why you need to stop listening to country music
Concert cover art for Zach Bryan’s recent tour. (Credit: Zach Bryan’s Instagram)

Country music is one of the most controversial genres out there and for good reason – it’s terrible. Everyone has their opinions. I am going to explain a few of my reasons why I think country music has got to go.

  1. Repetitive Themes

If I hear another new song about a truck, alcohol, or an All Night Revival, I will pull my ears off my head. I don’t care that you have a Ford F150 and want whiskey too. Get some originality and get over the girl. Your love only lasted 2 months, so move on!

1. Controversies

In 2003, The Chicks came under extreme heat after talking openly about how they didn’t agree with former President George Bush and his decision to invade Iraq. I like them, but it’s a concert. Just keep singing, we didn’t pay for your opinion.

2021 was a terrible year for Morgan Wallen. A video leaked of him saying the N-word. He went on ABC News where he openly apologized. Well guess what Mr. Wallen? I don’t forgive you!

Do you remember when Jason Aldean kissed that American Idol contestant while he was married? Or when Aldean wrote a song about how he disagrees with the BLM Protests? Aldean sings in the first verse: “Spit in his face / Stomp on the flag and light it up / Yeah, ya think you’re tough / Try that in a small town.” The thing that makes me most mad isn’t only that he threatened a minority, but Aldean’s song has been streamed over 11.7 million times in the first week of its release and reached number 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. 

2. The Sound

An artist’s vocal sound is one of the many beautiful things about the music industry; however every southern artist has the same raspy, twang voice that drives me insane. It’s so forced and not pleasing to my ears. I don’t like the country accent in general and I know they can’t help that, but that’s why we have autotune. Fix it or stop singing. Sounds pretty simple to me.

3. The Fans

Country music fans are, in the kindest way, the scariest people to be around. Their dedication is heartwarming, yet so annoying. I remember being in my cousin’s garage and hearing, “Revival” by Zach Bryan. I love my cousins, but that was so gross. Everyone was jumping, singing, and hugging like some asteroid was about to kill us all. I actually get nauseous just thinking about that night. The week of the Zach Bryan concert my Instagram feed was overflowing with cowgirl boots, hats, puffy dresses, and the same looking at each other and laughing pose that makes girls look even more fake than they already are.

I can already hear the anger fuming, but I’m not done, and I am not the only hater out there.

“I hate it,” said Marist freshman Aliyah Glass.

On the other hand, the opposing team still begins to find reasons to change my mind and bring me into their “World of Pure Devastation” (Unlike Willy Wonka’s World of Pure Imagination.)

“Country music is awesome… It just makes me feel like I’m in summer,” said freshman Matt Topa. “Country is always the type of music I will go to for a good time.”

“Saying I adore country music is such an understatement,” said Ava Obermeier. “I really truly love it.”

I don’t hate the fans. Some of my best friends love country music, but I do hate Nashville, Tennessee. The southern city is responsible for all this madness and the reason I don’t listen to the radio anymore. The only thing good about Nashville, aside from the food, is the fact that they found Taylor Swift. However, she was smart enough to ditch country and become the pop sensation she is today.

So yes, I hate country music. The sound, theme, and style is just nasty. I think there is nothing more painful than hearing the sound of grown men and women rage about trucks and dumb ideas of fun. I don’t get it and I don’t hate you, but I don’t like you. If you feel so strongly about your point of view let me know. Nothing you can say will change my mind, but y’all can try.

Country loving fans Molly and Ava attending the Zach Bryan concert. (Credit: Ava Obermeier’s Instagram)
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