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Why Co-ed Schools Offer Students More 

Male and female Marist students hanging out together (Credit: Bridie O’Malley)

Co-ed schools are better than same sex schools, because they prepare students for college and life, both socially and educationally.

Students’ futures, both in college and their careers, will most likely be co-ed environments. In my opinion, any high school that attempts to prepare students for the future should accept this reality. Separating girls from boys stops social skills from developing properly. If students don’t learn how to work with the opposite sex at an early age, it may become difficult for them to adjust to a normal work environment. 

“I like that I am friends with boys and girls. I feel like I would miss out on a lot if I went to an all girls school like McAuley… It’s just nice that things don’t feel so separate and awkward,” says Marist freshman Gabriella Garcia. 

To continue with this idea, students have a greater ability to empathize with others, as they are exposed to a wider range of perspectives and experiences. They learn to co-exist, collaborate and form healthy relationships with others. Communication skills, which are very important, are enhanced by the environment a co-ed school offers. Learning these skills now gives students the tools they need to succeed in the future, which is what high school is for.

“When I considered where I wanted to send my child to school, I knew immediately I wanted it to be co-ed. You just miss out on so many important experiences without boys and girls together. That collaboration prepares you for real life,” says Marist parent Justin Houppert. 

Another huge factor to consider is extracurricular activities. Many all boys schools don’t offer the same arts opportunities as exclusively female or co-ed schools. If boys want to participate in theater, they often have to travel to the nearest all girls school.

In turn, many all girls schools don’t have the same amount of sports opportunities as all boys or co-ed schools. Girls may have to use the same field or practice space as a boys school. 

According to a study by UCLA, “It is suggested that single-sex schools tend to overemphasize academics at the expense of ‘whole child’ development.” 

At co-ed schools, however, there is no divide. Activities are open to all. Sports offer both boys and girls teams. Theater, choir, and other art programs are open to all. 

Co-ed schools discourage gender stereotypes. They allow students to see themselves and their peers succeed on an even playing field. Seeing both girls and boys in traditionally male or female dominated fields, encourages students not to feel stuck in society’s ideas for them. Students develop respect for each other regardless of gender, and learn to appreciate the ideas and work of everyone around them. 

A co-ed environment also allows for students to learn how to balance relationships and school. They learn how to act respectfully towards their partner, and how to work with them in a professional setting. Those early relationships prepare them for healthy adult romances, and even marriage.

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Carmen Houppert, Journalism and Media 1 Writer
My name is Carmen Areli Houppert, and I am a freshman in journalism 1. I have two cats and love to read and write. My clubs and activities include Latinos United, theater, and adult choir. I am so excited to contribute to the Marist website.

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