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Should College Athletes Get Paid? 

Editorial: The reasons why universities should not pay their athletes
Marist seniors signed to play their sport in college (Credit: Marist Instagram)

The hard work Division I college athletes put into their sport makes people question why they aren’t getting paid. This has been discussed for a long time with many different opinions. I personally think athletes should not get paid while they are in college.

As of now, they do not make money for playing sports. Many people believe the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) should pay them, while others are content with the current situation. Keep in mind the NCAA is a non-profit organization that cannot give money away.

I think if athletes got paid it would spark many different debates. It can be unfair and get out of hand. Some athletes may think they would be worth more than they are getting paid. Also, some people may think the athlete should be paid less which can lead to many arguments. There could be an imbalance in pay between different sports and different universities. 

There are many valid pros and cons to both sides. 

Going to college, many athletes are already on scholarships that cover expenses with the school. On top of scholarships, there are many who have financial aids as well. Therefore, I don’t see a reason why they should be getting an extra payment.

 According to the NCAA, fewer than two percent of college athletes go farther in their sport. If someone is earning money from their college and they are not going to go pro, I think it is unfair to the students who are struggling financially in college because they would be able to use the money to help them.

On the other hand, there are some athletes who are already getting paid from outside organizations. The top players are getting paid from NIL (Name, Image and Likeness). Outside companies promote the athlete and then they get paid from popularity, merchandise, brand deals, and etc.

Some people think that they should get paid because their lives get very chaotic when they are in season and they do not have the time to make their own money. In college, people struggle with money anyways, so it may be hard for student athletes to earn money for themselves. It would be better financial support for college athletes.

However, having financial restraints in college can help teach the students about managing their money and knowing how to spend it. I think if people have a certain amount of money they can spend, it can teach them about values and prioritizing. I think it will encourage students to stop spending their valuable money on useless things. This can help prepare them for the real world in different situations.

Athletes are getting money from universities and coaches to play at that particular school, so I do not think they should get paid on top of that. At the end of the day, it is school, not a job.

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Brooklyn Ritter, Journalism and Media 1 Writer
Hi my name is Brooklyn Ritter and I am a sophomore at Marist. This is my first year writing for MHS media. I play volleyball for Marist and I went to Summit Hill Junior High for middle school. I have two dogs that I love! I’m excited to improve my writing skills this year!

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