Off-Season Workouts Begin for Boys and Girls Basketball

Jai'Lyn-Marie Webb, MHS News Writer

As we know, a majority of Marist students participate in school sports. We also know that the sport may not be the entire school year meaning athletes will have time off.

Off-season conditioning is important when it comes to helping athletes become better and more prepared for when the season starts. Off-season programs can also help students stay active during the period between seasons.

Coach Pettinger, an assistant boys basketball coach at Marist High School, workout training conditioning helps the body be physically ready to participate in the sport by giving them a run down on how it would be during the season.  “Some students who don’t do anything prior to the season have a greater chance of getting injured because muscles are not developed”, said Coach Pettinger.  Also, he encourages student athletes to do workout training to develop the muscles and prepare you when it comes to playing on the court.

Likewise, Coach Chimino, the coach of our girls basketball team, recommends off-season conditioning because she thinks it’s better to have practice during the off-season to keep physically ready.  “Practicing everyday isn’t needed but 3-4 days a week for a couple of hours are good”, said Coach Chimino.  Even this amount has a huge impact so you can be ready for the season.

Only focusing on one sport the whole year can lead to burnout during the season because your body isn’t mentally or physically prepared.  This is another reason why it is recommended for students to participate in off-season conditioning.

Off-season conditioning can be beneficial for any sport you do, especially if you’re not doing a sport prior to it.  Doing workouts help you be both physically prepared for the season to come and leave less chances of being injured or tired when the season comes.