20 Years of Women at Marist

This fall marks the 20th anniversary of the first female freshman class at Marist.


Trinity Eadie, MHS News Writer

For 20 years at Marist High School, women have walked through the same doors we enter each and every day, and have made history and impacted our school through accomplishments and memories.  These have been shared through pictures, staff, and  alumni alike who shaped the school as the future of co—ed became prevalent in Marist’s evolution from the 1960’s to the 2000’s.

In the fall of 2002, Marist’s first freshman co-ed class was the first of its kind. The boys were in for a surprise when news of girls coming to school in the fall was announced.  

In an interview with Ms. Maloney, who has worked here for 26 years, states, “Women really calm things down here because boys seem to act more mature and more fashionable now that girls are in the classrooms.” 

The first class with women then graduated in 2006 which proved the success of this new decision, and Marist accepted more people as core themes of family, friendship, and equality.

As also claimed by Maloney: “There were 200 girls and 1,100 boys, and together that created 1,300 students in total. I also know that the administration wanted to do everything to keep them safe. They also made sure to build female sports programs, so that was a lot of work on everyone’s part.”

When asked about impacts today on Marist she says: “I feel that it’s a more competitive market. There are more co-ed options now, so we have to always be ahead of our competition and looking for the next thing that will make us the first choice.”

Maloney’s perspective on 20 years of Marist is, “I feel women contribute so much to society  and they’ve done the same for Marist with their leadership skills and their wisdom. So, I think it’s a good thing that women are here.”

The accomplishments of women 20 years ago marked itself in Redhawk history and paved the way for girls who walk through the doors today at MHS.