Marist eSports Remains Undefeated

The Marist eSports Valorant team rattled off yet another victory on Tuesday against Glenwood.


Joseph Kratzer, MHS News Club Writer

On Tuesday, September 27, the official Marist eSports Valorant team, spearheaded by senior Nate Budz, competed in it’s third round of competitive play. Varsity picks up after last weeks lost with a decisive 2-0 victory over Glenwood, featuring impressive performances from seniors Pedro Bear (33-7 overall K/D) and Nate Budz (48-16 overall K/D). Junior Varsity 1, captained by senior Miles Durkin, continues their undefeated streak with their third consecutive victory against Niles West, leaving them with a record of 3-0. Junior Varsity 2 unfortunately had to forfeit the match due to scheduling conflicts. The RedHawks look forward to their next bout of matches starting Thursday at 5.