Vinny’s Super Bowl Picks


Vincent Quiroz, MHS News Writer

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs had a big win over the Bengals with a game winning field goal. Kansas City led for most of the game until the Bengals tied it up in the fourth quarter.  They had to battle with the Bengals for a rough four quarters, but they can take the momentum they gained from the AFC championship and bring it into the Super Bowl. Mahomes did take some hard hits in the game but looks like he’ll be fine.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles had a big 31-7 win over the 49ers. San Francisco’s quarterback Brock Purdy was injured and knocked out of the game after the first drive, and they did not have much of a chance once he was gone. Philadelphia did not have to compete in the NFC Championship game and had most of their backups in during the second half.  This could help because their players didn’t have to play towards the end and got to rest.