Fencing Clubtastic!

The Fencing Club is a place where students who enjoy medieval times can learn about the art.


Marist High School

The Marist Fencing Club having a practice.

Latanya Smith, MHS Media Writer

The Fencing Club spends their time learning the mechanics of using certain swords and practicing blocks and attacks.

Before COVID, the club would go to a renaissance fair every year. Students could dress in old fashion costumes and would feel like they were in a different era. Plus, they would have fun watching jousting matches and buying souvenirs.

By being in this club you can improve your reflexes and physical skills to make you quick and agile. As well as gain mental strength and strategy.

If you’re interested in fighting with swords or curious about the history of this art form, come and join the fun!

The fencing club meets every Tuesday 3-4:30PM in room 229.