This Year’s Super Bowl Match Up Will Be…

The NFL conference championships are this week and here is why each team will go or will not go to the Super Bowl.

Vincent Quiroz, MHS News Writer

Kansas City Chiefs

Why- They have experience because they have been to the Super Bowl twice in 5 years. The offense is elite by leading the league in touchdowns with 41 passing and 18 rushing. If everything goes right, they could end up with another Lombardi Trophy this year.

Why Not- Last year in the AFC Championship they lost to the Bengals. Patrick Mahomes has never beat Joe Burrow and the Bengals including in the playoffs. The Chiefs defense was a bottom 10 team in the league for forced turnovers. The worry is that the defense might again struggle against the Bengals offense.

Cincinnati Bengals

Why- The Bengals have an elite offense that was the third highest in the AFC along with a top ten defense in yards allowed and forced turnovers. They have taken out the Bills and already shown they can beat the Chiefs this season.

Why Not- Already beating the Chiefs 27-24 earlier this year may make it difficult to beat them again.  The Chiefs, having been to the AFC Championship Game for the past 5 years, make them out a tough out with their experience.

Philadelphia Eagles

Why- They were the best team in the regular season with a 14-3 record and dominated against the Giants in the divisional round with a 38-3 win.  With Jalen Hurts back they look dangerous. Their defense gave up the third least number of yards this year and the offense had the second most points and yards.

Why Not- Philadelphia is a hard team to find a weakness for. They take on the 49ers who have won their last 12 games including the playoffs. Last year San Francisco made the postseason and got blown out against the Buccaneers. However, this team is different and will be hard to take down.

San Francisco 49ers

Why- They have some of the best offensive and defensive weapons in the league with Deebo Samuels, Christian McCaffrey, and George Kittle to name a few. They were the sixth highest scoring team in the NFL.  Meanwhile, the defense has Nick Bosa who led the league in sacks. Their last win over Dallas gives them momentum going into the NFC Championship.

Why Not- They are on their third string quarterback: Brock Purdy.  While he has been good for them, he is unproven. If he can keep up his play, they will be playing in the Super Bowl.