Alumni Spotlight: Isabelle Schreck


MHS Media

Journalism students interview 2019 graduate Izzy Schreck via Zoom about her work at Kent State.

Jai'Lyn-Marie Webb, MHS News Writer

Izzy Schreck is a 2019 Marist graduate who was a part of journalism and has moved on to Kent State.  Schreck is currently a sophomore there and is the editor of sports writing.

Schreck joined Journalism 1 her sophomore year and held the title of editor both her junior and senior year.  Mr. John Gonczy provided help and support with his passion for journalism.  Schreck said: “Without Marist, I don’t think I would have continued in the field of journalism.  I didn’t even know I liked journalism until I took the class.”

In college sports writing Schreck attends almost every game, does personal interviewing with athletes and coaches, writes stories, and works to edit articles from her peers.  When writing on sports, she finds that it is sometimes better speaking to the players as it gives you a better perspective on what you’re looking for.

In her words, “time is the major difference between high school and college journalism.”  Unlike Marist, Schreck is not meeting with advisers every day.  This can make it difficult when having mental blocks or needing help.  This is especially challenging when Schreck sometimes writes stories within 3 hours after conducting interviews.

Schreck’s advice to new writers would be: “trust your knowledge and [do] not be scared when you’re interviewing.  Yes, it can get very nerve-racking, but the person you’re interviewing is probably nervous too.”

For writers, especially new ones, trusting your gut and “going with the flow” is important.

Update 12/9/2022: Izzy will take on the role of editor-in-chief of the newspaper at Kent State in Spring 2023.  Congrats to Izzy!