Super-Swimmer Emily Belcik Takes Girls Swim to State

Trinity Eadie, MHS News Writer

For the first time in the history of Marist High School, junior Emily Belcik, a member of the Marist Girls Swim Team, punched a ticket to state with her winning time of 55.27 in the 100-meter freestyle. Belcik said she was “shocked and excited” to be able to accomplish one of her goals.

Belcik is a freestyle swimmer, so the meter race was right up her alley.

When asked about any pressure, she replies “Of course, all the time.”

Belcik tries to think positive when the pressure is on. She believes that if you stay in a negative mindset, you have already lost the battle.  It is important to think about what you’re there for and the work you’ve put in.

When asked about setbacks, she replied, “Not having a pool”.  As is evident, Marist does not have a pool, so the pool at Brother Rice is often used for practices during the seasons. Her and the team combat this disadvantage by using it to come closer and work harder collectively. It only makes them stronger and provides insight to how teams bond and grow in their own ways.

Lastly, when asked about plans to prepare for the next year, Belcik plans to work out with the coaches and set more goals for herself.  She says, “Just working hard and going to a lot of more practices will work for me.”

In the end, Belcik strives to work hard, stay determined, and show the world what she’s capable of. With her love of swimming, and dedication to goal setting, she will grow stronger and become the best she can be as she moves forward.