New Security Features at Marist High School

Marist High School has beefed up their campus security, creating a safer environment to protect students and staff.


Jack Meador

New security cameras watch over the Marist campus.

Jack Meador, MHS News Writer

Marist has added cameras, sensors, locks, and more to their campus to back up the promise of a secure school. Funds came from the Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools program.  This is a part of the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund.

Ideas about the updates to the security system came to light during the 2021-2022 school year when some questioned the tracing of COVID cases and exposure on the campus. Installation took place over the summer starting in August with a completion date in the near future.

When asked what new devices were implemented, Head of Security Mike Callahan says, “64 Outdoor cameras, 84 total door sensors, 10 motion sensors, 16 electronic locks, bathroom window sensors to alert when opened, and outside cameras have tracking software.”

With that, Marist is now able to ensure that the campus is being watched by trusted members of the security staff, and that potential threats are lessened from the measures put in place.

Callahan views the safety of the students and the staff at Marist with utmost importance. His staff, who will be viewing the cameras, consists of current and retired police officers in the Chicagoland area. Callahan states, “55 cameras cover the whole [inside of the] school, while 85-90 percent of the campus is covered.”

These additions will allow Marist students and staff to remain stress-free regarding concerns for their well-being.