Marist Defeats Rice

Marist Defeats Rice on Friday, October 21st in the Battle of Pulaski.


William Schreck

The RedHawks celebrate their final touchdown of the game in the 4th quarter.

Joseph Kratzer, MHS Club Writer

Friday night, the RedHawks went toe to toe with the Brother Rice Crusaders in the annual Battle of Pulaski.

The second half, led by superb performances seniors John Nestor and Dermot Smyth, saw the battle turn back in the favor of the RedHawks. The end of the 3rd quarter saw the RedHawks score after a tough drive, and the 4th quarter saw the Crusader stands emptied with a series of Marist touchdowns and an interception without leaving Rice’s half of the field.

Final score of the game was 34-16 and another triumphant RedHawk victory.