Pro-Life Week Starts at Marist Monday, October 17th

Each day will host a different event to fundraise for the group’s Washington D.C. trip to the Pro-Life March in January 2023.


Kylie Pizza, MHS News Writer

Pro-Life Week is an event that raises awareness for many life issues.

According to Mr.Christopher Lesher, Marist’s Pro-Life Club moderator, says, “the focus here is mostly about the early stages of life and those who care for children.”  Pro-Life Week starts Monday, October 17th and goes until Friday, October 21st. There will be events promoting this going on throughout the week starting with a club member leading morning prayer with a different pro-life focus every morning.

Also, throughout the week there will be a diaper drive that will go to a pregnancy center.

The woman who runs The Nativity House, Venus Wozniak, will be at Marist on Wednesday, October 19th and will speak to every junior and senior religion class.

Thursday and Friday there will be a bake sale and the proceeds will go to the materials it takes to make baby blankets, which will ultimately go to Courage, a local program in the area.

Lastly, on Friday there will be a $3 dress down in which you can wear whatever you’d like and the proceeds will go to The Nativity House.