eSports Taking Marist By Storm

On Wednesday, I met with senior Nathanial Budz to go a little more in depth about the emerging eSports team here at Marist. Here is what he had to say, starting with his introduction.

Joseph Kratzer, MHS News Club Writer

My name is Nathanial, I’m currently a senior, I run the eSports program, and I’m also involved in tech club and tennis

What made you decide to lead the Marist Valorant team? Well, it started as just a group of 5 friends who wanted to play Valorant in the IHSEA, so the team was more or less born out of necessity of people who wanted to play, and I decided to jump on that opportunity. Do you have hopes we’ll go to state this season? We’re definitely looking to achieve top 16 this season to make playoffs this year, and we’re currently in 23rd so we only need 7 spots, and we can definitely do it. Where do you see eSports as a whole in the next five years? I think in general, eSports is going to take off in the next five years, especially with the way Marist is actually investing into this, I can definitely see it becoming this huge market for organizations, games, and players. I hope to eventually see eSports be on the same level as typical sports and I believe this team will generate a lot of interest to move us towards that goal. Branching that, you do believe that there is a future where eSports can rival physical sports? Oh yeah, I feel like we’re headed that way right now even. It may not ever be as big as something like football where millions are invested, but I feel we’re as or even more competitive. It takes a lot of dedication to play these games like this, and it’s not as easy as people make it out to be. Are there any preparations being done for next year, when the founders, including yourself, leave for college? What we’re looking for right now are members from any grade level that are active to lead next year, because that’s really what’s going to help this whole thing take off. We have a passion for this, and want to see it move forward and grow. Anyone who has a genuine interest and passion, we’re looking for you to step up and lead, there are no barriers. Is there anything you’d like to tell those who are on the fence about joining eSports teams or the club as a whole at Marist? I would just say to give it a try. It’s called competitive gaming, but that doesn’t mean it has to be competitive. If there’s a game you like to play or your friends like to play, come join and you can play for fun or to be competitive. If you’re already playing games there’s no reason not to join, and you might even meet some people who knows? The eSports club meets on Tuesdays after class in CS3 to those interested.

Senior Nate Budz speaking on the future of Marist eSports. (Natalie Goo)