Marist Mock Trial Club Season Has Begun

MHS Annoucements

The Marist Mock Trial Club has officially started its new season! Meetings are weekly – every Tuesday at 2:55pm in Mr. Berta’s room (Room 112). Not sure if you want to join? Curious about what mock trial is? Stop by a meeting!
Mock Trial is all about thinking, preparing and acting like a lawyer. Throughout the semester, we work on a fake lawsuit and prepare as if we’re going to trial. Some students will be state’s attorneys – trying to put the defendant behind bars. Others will be the defense attorneys, trying for a verdict of not guilty. At the end of the year, we put on a fake trial (yes, you get to dress like a lawyer!) to see which side was more persuasive.
During September and October, Mr. Berta will teach the basics of a jury trial. How is an opening statement different than a closing argument? How do we question witnesses correctly? When can we say, “I object”? Then, throughout the rest of the year, the Club is visited by Marist alumni who are real judges and lawyers to help students prepare for their mock trial. Stop by a meeting, or see Mr. Berta with any specific questions. Become your own Annalise Keating or Saul Goodman!