Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye Seniors!

 We are among the majority of seniors that are ready to graduate.


We are among the majority of seniors that are ready to graduate. Photo credit: Anclote High School

Senior year has brought a rollercoaster of emotions, although we were excited for our last first day of high school, we’re now worried about being freshman all over again. For many, senior year is the highlight of their four years in school. Here’s a rundown of our senior year from MHS Media.

Senior year has been the year that helped me find myself and grow as a person. I discovered how I learn, who my real friends are, and the importance of family. I have gotten the best grades this year out of the 4 years I’ve spent at Marist. This year I’ve laughed a lot, cried a lot, and stepped out of my comfort zone quite a few times. This year has been the best year out of the 4, in my opinion.

The start of senior year initially, did not feel any different from years prior. I expected I would have to work hard, stay focused, and all in all I wanted to have fun.

The reality was that working hard and staying focused was not easy in the slightest. On top of academics there’s also the stress of applying to colleges and maintaining extracurricular activities.

I’m going to be honest; the stress does get to you, but remembering all the hard work you’ve put in will be your biggest motivator.

As my time here is coming to an end, I am appreciative of all the friends I’ve gained, and good times I’ve had.

Senior year has been a fairly stressful year as this is the time that we start to apply to colleges. Applying to colleges and managing school and work has been a large amount of my stress, but now that we’re coming to the end of the school year, I don’t feel that same level of stress. Although it has been stressful, it’s also been a good year as I’ve built some new friendships. I became good friends with people that I haven’t talked to since freshman year.

Now that senior year is coming to an end, it seems surreal since we must go to college to start over again as freshmen.

Senior year has been real, and it’s been fun.