Win a Custom Built PC From Tech Club

Marist Tech Club has begun construction of its years old tradition, the sale of its custom built PC.


Joseph Kratzer, MHS Media Club Writer

Tech Club Senior Nate Budz is leading the build and currently working on finishing the motherboard.  This years PC will be bigger and better than the last, and will include over $1,700 worth in the latest generation parts, including:
● AOC 23.8’ 144HZ Monitor
● Corsair 4000X Case
● RTX 3060TI
● Steel Apex 3 TKL Gaming Keyboard
● Razer Deathadder
● AMD Ryzen 7700X
● 32 GB DDR5 RAM
● MSI Pro B650-P Motherboard
● Corsair H100 ElTE AIO

Tickets will be available for purchase this week at a rate of $5 per ticket, or $20 for 4 tickets for those looking to buy in bulk. The drawing of the winner will be announced at the end of the day Friday, May 5th. Good luck to all those who will enter.