Congrats to the Class of 2023

Marist Senior Superlatives 2023


2023 Marist Seniors, MHS Media

Jamel Howard

Most likely to go pro :

First Place – Jamel Howard

Second Place – Cal Sefcik




James McQuaid

Rowdiest Redhawk :

First Place – James McQuaid

Second Place – Nora Moore




Harrison Bayorgeon

Best hair (male) :

First Place – Harrison Bayorgeon

Second Place – Tyler Nutting




Julia Shalabi

Best hair (female) :

First Place – Julia Shalabi

Second Place – Grace O’Keefe




Corey Rashad

Best smile (male) :

First Place – Corey Rashad

Second Place – Joey Fortner




Jordyn Howell

Best smile (female) :

First Place – Jordyn Howell

Second Place – Alexis Bacchus




Abby Beeson

Most likely to cure cancer :

First Place – Abby Beeson

Second Place – Sean Grobarcik




Evan Fox

Most likely to be on broadway :

First Place – Evan Fox

Second Place – Andrew Crisp




Annie Shields

Most likely to come back and work at Marist :

First Place – Annie Shields

Second Place – Isabelle Harmon




Elise Ward

Most likely to break a world record :

First Place – Elise Ward

Second Place – Margot Thorne




Grant Gallardo

Most likely to start a band :

First Place – Grant Gallardo

Second Place – Alex Ramirez




Erin Julian

Most likely to have their art featured in a museum :

First Place – Erin Julian

Second Place – Kara Czerwinski




Alex Smith

Most likely to be CEO :

First Place – Alex Smith

Second Place – Nolan Baudo