Helping a Family in Need

To kick off Champagnat week the Marist community came together to build a house for a family in need.  

Miranda Lara, MHS Media Writer

Marist teamed up with the organization Help Build Hope to build a home for a family who lost their home in the horrific hurricane that struck Georgia. This year Raymond and Barb Bodley came from Kentucky to help us help others. They have been working on building houses for about 7 years by traveling around the country. 

Starting on Friday after school, students and parents help set up, bringing drinks and snacks to the Hynes gym, and cutting wood for Saturday. 

We started early in the morning on Saturday and started nailing together walls, windows, and doors. When asked what was the reason that Marist decided to help out, Ms. Madonia the Director of Mission and Ministry answered, “We wanted something that was a free event, that everyone has access to, to do what we’re called to do, which is to serve.”

Despite the 80° weather and the beaming sun on our faces, we were able to finish building the frame for the first floor. We all wrote loving messages and blessings on the house. 

Thank you to everyone who came out to help and our prayers go out to the family this amazing house is going to