After-School Activities and Balance


Latanya Smith, prepping for her after-school activites, Poms and Dance

Grace O'Malley, MHS Media Writer

I have never been a very athletic person.

So, when I was told at the beginning of this school year to “get involved,” I wasn’t sure how. There were a few clubs that caught my eye, and so I signed up for those. Overall, however, I wasn’t up to very much. You could say I wasn’t very involved.

This semester has been different, though.

In addition to the clubs I joined, I also began to participate in several activities inside and outside of Marist. My schedule was soon filled, and before I knew it I had barely any time to do my homework.

I was very overwhelmed; I have been working hard to finish off the year with good grades while also remaining committed to my obligations. It was proven to be quite difficult to manage my time without constantly being stressed.

At first, it was frustrating to feel so disorganized. Not knowing when I could have free time or how my week would pan out was making me feel anxious. How could I have a successful year if I didn’t have enough time… for anything?

But, I continued to work and muddle through. The first few weeks were hard, but it became more manageable as I got used to feeling busy.

That’s when I realized one of the most important reasons to get involved: you learn how to find balance in life.  Getting involved teaches you limits. It encourages you to be faced with stress and shows you how you naturally handle it. You learn about your priorities. You learn how to organize your things and time so that you can achieve your goals to the best of your ability.

Is it a hard lesson to learn? Yes, it can be. It isn’t a good feeling to feel stretched thin between the things you enjoy. But it’s an important lesson, and an important part of being prepared for adulthood.

So, if I were to give a piece of advice to incoming students, I’d tell them to get involved too. You learn so much about yourself and how to find balance in your day-to-day life.

I’d tell them to try out for a sport, even if they are unsure they’ll make the team. Or join a club, whether it is something you already love or are interested in (MHS Media club is awesome by the way). Try different activities if they sound fun. And if it isn’t a good fit for you, it’s 100% okay to try something else.

Take a risk. Get involved.