What is Marist Listening to?

Rae McKeough, MHS Media Wrtier

Marissa Carillo- Senior

“Lo Intentamos” by Espinoza Paz

Genre- Banda

“I’ve been listening to “Lo Intentamos” recently because I just really enjoy the way he sings. It’s one of those songs that just makes you scream-sing. The lyrics are about missing someone, and it can just make you connect.”

Antonio Fox- Junior

“Rock With You” by Michael Jackson

Genre – Disco, Funk

“Rock With You” is my favorite because I grew up listening to Michael Jackson and his music has stuck with me.”

Hannah Sutker – Sophomore

“Silent Alleys” by Luis Berra

Genre – Classical

“Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of classical music lately. I like the no lyrics part of classical music, and the many emotions you can express through a piano or a violin.”


Mr. Sinacore- English Teacher

“Mayonaka No Door / Stay With Me” by Miki Matsubara

Genre – Tokyo Pop

“Most of the music on the radio now feels so lazy and overplayed so having an old bop come back and have a second life is so refreshing. There’s also just a part of not knowing the lyrics and just hearing the music that is so fun.”

Melissa Agustin- Freshman

“House of Balloons” by The Weeknd

Genre – R&B

“I like House of Balloons because it’s a hyping song. It makes me feel like I’m levitating and keeps me energized.”

Rae McKeough- Senior

“Circle With Me” by Spiritbox

Genre – Metalcore

“I chose “Circle With Me” as my favorite song because I love the extraordinary vocals by Courtney LaPlante. This song truly highlights her astounding range. The contrast between the soft singing and the heavy, heartfelt screams can reach into you and grab your heart, leaving you breathless. When they initially announced their tour for 2023, I remember the sadness I felt because their Chicago date was the night before my AP Psych exam; however, the next day, they announced they would add another date for the next day, and I got so happy I cried.”