Parillo and Bayorgeon Take eSports Tournament Title

The Marist eSports Club ran its first-ever in-house school tournament this week with its new computers.


Joseph Kratzer

Seniors Joe Parillo and Harrison Bayorgeon celebrate after winning the grand prize.

Joseph Kratzer, MHS News Club Writer

Over ten separate teams were competing from all grade levels for the grand prize of a $50 gift card.

The stakes were high, and seniors/rocket soccer wunderkinds Joe Parillo and Harrison Bayorgeon of team S7 Bronze Tourney Winners won it all.

The 2nd place prize went to team GOATS with the $30 gift card.

The 3rd place prize of $20 went to seniors Gabriel Fey, Jimmy Crowley, and substitute assistant coach Nathaniel Budz.

The eSports Club looks forward to hosting more in-school tournaments after school.