1 Book 1 Marist 1 Cool Club


Marist High School

The 1 Book 1 Marist club engaged in a book.

Trinity Eadie, MHS News Writer

Some clubs at Marist are well known, but others have yet to be uncovered. One Book One Marist (OBOM) is a club that fits the category of hidden treasures amongst our school’s clubs.

OBOM focuses on connecting with peers that share an interest in reading.  Students are encouraged to talk, participate, and enjoy themselves in regular events and meetings that are held. It is also a way to find new books that can be fun to read.

Every genre is explored, but students get to choose which genres they would like to read. Currently, fantasy and mystery are amongst the top choices for members, but that can always change if suggestions are made.

Club moderator, Ms. Rademacher, often organizes events that consist of meeting authors, creating t-shirts, having meetings in person and on Zoom, and even field trips to libraries. Her dedication to the club also stems from being the school librarian and being surrounded by different genres.

In an interview with club president Natalie Goo, Senior, she provides some information about what the club consists of.  She said that students will often read their own separate book and share what they’ve read each time.

When asked about why she enjoys the club, Goo says she felt, “a sense of community” since freshman year. She also says: “It was just a very nice environment. I always had a chance to enjoy being there.” The atmosphere became a place of comfort and expression for Goo since the beginning.

Lastly, when asked what she would say to encourage others to join the club, she said, “If you like books no matter the genre, then come ahead and join.” Regardless of interests and preferences, people looking to join can just, “sit in on Friday’s and just have a good time.”

Overall, OOBOM is full of activity, learning, and friendship. It also teaches students there’s always something new to discover and read about.

Reading can build a community and that’s what the club has done so far.