Marist Students and Their Turkey Day Plans

From visiting family to stuffing our faces, we all spend our holidays differently. How will you be spending Thanksgiving?

Sierra Champliss and Kylie Pizza

SIerra Champliss

Hayden Krupa, Junior  

“Having dinner with my family and watching football.”🏈







Sierra Champliss

Alexander Gaona, Senior

“I plan to play games every day and get sleep, like 10 hours. (same bro, same)”







Sierra Champliss

Cassidy Cage, Freshman

“For Thanksgiving I’m going to my mom’s friend’s house to eat with their family.”







Sierra Champliss

Jacob Vogel, Senior

“I’m going to eat.” (Short and sweet) 😌







Sierra Champliss

Sidney Klein, Junior

“Going on vacation to Florida.” 🏝️







Sierra Champliss

Faye Bouck, Freshman

“I’m going to sleep and hang out with my friends.”







Drew Blackburn, Sophomore

“I’m going to hang out with my sister and friends.”






Sierra Champliss

Ashley Lesnicki, Soph

“I’m spending time with my family.”







No matter how you spend the holidays, cherish every moment with your family and friends.  Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at MHS Media!