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Marist’s ‘No Outside Drinks’ Rule Explained

Kaelyn Howell
Marist students exit out of the science wing door with the “no outside drinks” sign

Principal Dunneback is bringing attention to the outside drink policy. She has informed MHS Media about why Marist does not allow outside drinks and the purpose of this rule. 

This rule was implemented very recently at Marist by our principal. Just 2 years ago, Dunneback saw that many kids were bringing their outside drinks into the school. She decided to change that. There are many reasons why this became a rule. 

First of all, she says outside drinks in school can be a distraction.

“They are more concerned with their drink and not spilling the drink than they are with what they are supposed to be learning in the classroom,” said Dunneback. “This is too much, we are planning things around these drinks.”

Another reason why outside drinks aren’t allowed in school is because they can cause tardiness.

Dunneback says, “They are a reason why kids are late. Sometimes kids come in here and they got their Dunkin, or they got their Starbucks, and they’re up against being on time for school.”

Outside drinks can also have too much sugar to start your day. 

“A lot of times the choice of the outside drink is loaded with sugar. It’s not really healthy for the kids and especially doesn’t double as a breakfast,” said Dunneback. 

Last school year everyone seemed to follow this rule, but now many students have been ignoring it.

“Just this year, I see students bring in drinks. Last year it kind of went away and now, all of a sudden sometimes on Fridays, sometimes randomly,” said Dunneback. “I’d say it’s random, I don’t think it’s starting to become habitual again and I hope it doesn’t.”

She says yet another for this rule is that outside drinks lead to habits and expenses that are not needed. 

“It’s just a follow-the-rule thing. Go get your drink after school. Get it on the weekends. I’m all for Starbucks. It’s not a good addiction because it’s expensive,” said Dunneback. “Any more habits that you can break earlier in your life are better off done.” 

Bringing in outside drinks can have consequences as well.

Dunneback says, “Obviously you can always get a detention for it. I like to give kids the benefit of the doubt. I also like to think that I can just tell someone not to do it, and they’re not gonna do it.” 


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Kaelyn Howell
Kaelyn Howell, Journalism and Media 1 Writer
My name is Kaelyn Howell and I am a freshman at Marist. I graduated from Mt.Greenwood Elementary. I am on the varsity cheerleading team. Before Marist, I did all star cheer for 9 years. In my free time I like to spend time with my family, hangout with my friends, and bake.

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