Now Back To You, Mrs. Carlson


Camille Jones, MHS News Editor

Reporting may have been foreign to her since it did not run in her family but it was always in her heart.
Ms. Carlson grew up watching reporters and was also heavily influenced by her parents who were highly educated on current events. Furthermore, she stated, “I grew up in an area where that was impressed upon me. To learn about what is going on.”Although she always wanted to be a television reporter her journey began in the radio field. Her first job was at WKRS and WXLC, a small radio station located in the small suburb of Waukegan. From there she ended up covering Shadow traffic at WGN.
During an interview she discussed Chicago’s news market and stated, “It’s a destination market.” As many of her co-workers relocated numerous times before they ended up in Chicago, she was lucky enough to spend her whole career in Chicago.Subsequently, she began to work part-time with radio and part-time on-air working with WLOS on Channel 7. Thereafter, she progressed to Channel 2 otherwise known as CBS. Then moving on to NBC which was her last station. She spent seven years at this station from 2013-2020.Even though she loved her career she grew tired of hearing about the negative news. The increase in negative news and crime stories is what brought an end to her time in the media. Nonetheless, Mrs. Carlson loved her career and her advice to anyone who wants to pursue this field is, “you have to know who you are… and hold onto your sensitivity.”
It is important to maintain yoursensitivity so that you can deliver the news effectively and enjoy your career.