The Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

Give back to your community by donating to The Thanksgiving Food Drive

Sierra Champliss, MHS News Writer

The Thanksgiving food drive takes place now until November 18th.  Students are asked to donate canned goods to help feed families during the holidays.Campus Minister Mr. Brennan said, “We [Marist] partner with Our Lady of Tepeyac and they let us know how many families need help… [we’re] trying to collect as much food as we can to feed those families for Thanksgiving and days after.”Giving is the reason for the season and some people feel like they do not have an opportunity to give.  Through donations you can help bring a meal to a family’s table.When asked what message he would like to give to the students to encourage them to donate, Brennan remarked, “ So often people think they can’t make a difference… you can very much help a family that is in need by donating a can or two of food.  You can help make that holiday happen for them when maybe it would not.”The food drive has a long history at Marist. It has been going on for 15 years. When asked about the history of the drive Brennan stated, “It was created to give back to the community and practice the Christian value of charity.”  
Ultimately, during this season of gratitude people are looking for a way to give back. The food drive gives you a chance to make your very own contribution. Through a small donation you can make a big difference.