Male Dress Code at Marist Changes From Ties to Polos for the Betterment of Students

The fall of 2022 will be the first time that male students at Marist do not have to wear ties starting November 1st.


The former Marist dress code for males of a shirt and tie.

Vincent Quiroz, MHS News Writer

The dress code at Marist for the first time ever will not make the male students wear ties. The male dress code at Marist has always featured a tie, but as times change, Marist does too.

When asked why the dress code was changed, Mr. Inzinga said, “I think we were taking into consideration how society has changed and how society has adapted to dress code in the workplace.” 

Coach Brennan added, “It used to be that a shirt and tie or a suit was required of working professionals and that is no longer the case, and I think our students can look professional in what the current dress code allows for.”

 “I think the dress code should have changed. Saint Marcellin used to say that it was important to pay attention to the signs of the times” said Coach Brennan.

Both men emphasized that the change was to have a more modern look and allow students to wear what they would be expected to wear in the future. This dress code will allow for students to be prepared for the real world.

On how this affects the students, Coach Brennan said, “I think the dress code this year gives our male students a bit more comfort in the classroom all year round.”  The comfort level of students was another factor for the change.

Ties can prevent students from thinking as much and can cause harm. An article on said “Scientists have found that wearing a tie squeezes the veins in your head and restricts the flow of blood to the brain by 7.5 percent, when compared to those who don’t wear ties.”  This, the researchers describe as a statistically significant difference.

Marist Student Jacob Finely added “I disliked the uniforms from last year because they were uncomfortable and more of a hassle to put on. The new polos are comfortable and easy to put on.”

Before, after a gym class, you would have to put your tie back on and button your shirt back. Now you just have to put your polo on.