Dunneback Talks New Schedule

As Marist starts 2022-2023 with a new schedule, students, teachers, and administrators take the time to reflect on the reasoning and effect the schedule is having on our school.


Marist’s new schedule introduces a new concept and switches the first three classes and keeps the other five classes in the same time slot over three days.

Jacob Vogel, MHS News Writer

There have been mixed emotions about the schedule.

Senior Bryson Roberts says “I like the schedule because it gives us more time to get our work done, we get to see our teachers everyday, and it makes the school day go by faster.”

However, senior Michael Conway says, “it’s stressful having to maintain responsibilities for all 8 courses rather than just the 6, like last year. The levels of homework received this year is also quite stressful, usually having to balance one assignment per class a night.”

With these comments about the schedule, Principal Meg Dunneback and SIS (Student Information Systems) and LMS (Learning Management Systems) manager, Patrick Ryan spoke about the hardships of creating this new schedule. Ryan said, “what I want the students to know is…it is incredibly time consuming, that (the schedule) impacts all facets of the school community.”

Teachers say that they believe there has been a loss of content with previous schedules, especially math and foreign languages. “Students were losing about two chapters of content per-year,” said Dunneback.

Many students liked the previous schedules because they had the option to do homework a day later as they would not see that teacher the next day. “I don’t know overall if that was good for learning, it was good for students to push it off for time management, but I don’t know if it was good for learning.” Dunneback states.

Dunneback knows the difficulty of change but believes that they are doing the right thing, “I also knew that you are the adult in this situation and you know what is best for kids sometimes, most times, of course you want them to feel heard and understood but you also want them to know that you are making this decision in your best interest.”

Only being a month in with this schedule means only time will tell how it benefits students, teachers, and staff.