If You Want To Get Ahead Get Out of Your Bed

During the Summer, Marist gives students the opportunity to take summer classes to receive the credits they need before graduation.


Jai'Lyn-Marie Webb, MHS News Writer

Marist holds classes including Health, Mind and Body Awareness, Speech, and Bridge Programs for students moving up to a level higher in math. These classes benefit those who may have a full schedule during the school year and would rather take a specific class over the summer.

Mrs. Joy Lewis, the administrator of summer classes and academic dean for upperclassmen says, “Taking summer classes gives students the advantage of knocking out a semester in three weeks”.

Students may take up to two classes as there are two summer sessions. Knocking out two semester classes in a matter of 6 weeks can be beneficial as it makes more time for electives you may have interest in during the school year.

Mrs. Lewis feels that, “For band kids especially, it is very beneficial to them because it’s hard for them to fit those classes in. Taking the summer classes gives those students an opening during the fall to take the band class”.

When taking the summer program, it is recommended that students make sure that they complete all of their work and communicate with their teachers. Mrs. Lewis says, “Because the class is supposed to be a semester, it is important to make sure students complete all their work and pay attention while they are there for the two and a half hours”.

If you are interested in taking the summer programs and have more questions, please contact Mrs. Joy Lewis Lewis.Joy@marist.net or visit the link provided below.