Braving The Seas With The Marist Band

The Marist Band has just returned from Ireland from their first-ever international overseas tour.


Tom Kearney, MHS Media Club Writer

The band left for Ireland Sunday, March 12th, and came back Sunday, March 19th.  What did they do in Ireland for all that time? The band went to Belfast, Dublin, Galway, and Kilkenny.

Monday was a more active day for the band students as they were learning three big Irish sports such as Gaelic hurling, Gaelic football, and wall ball.

On Tuesday the band would tour Belfast.  They visited the historic Titanic building site and wrote on the Belfast International Peace Wall.

Wednesday the band went to Galway, toured around the city, and went to visit the Cliffs of Moher.

Thursday saw the band touring around Dublin in groups. Students were allowed to visit any place in the city including the National Institute of Art in Dublin, Grafton Street, the Capital Building of Ireland, and so much more.

Friday the band would march in the Dublin Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. The Parade itself had about half a million people attending on a 1½ mile parade route.  To best describe the situation there were people were climbing walls, buildings, lamp posts, bus stops, traffic signs, and more to see the parade.

After the parade the band would go to the Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Festival in which they would have free time.

Saturday the band bus toured around Kilkenny, performed in Kilkenny Castle, and marched down the streets of Kilkenny.  After the parade, students were allowed to go around Kilkenny in groups to explore, and most importantly, get something to eat.

Sunday, Students began to pack up luggage and clean up hotel rooms for the long journey home.