Major League Baseball Changes Rules For 2023


Vincent Quiroz, MHS Media Writer

The pitch clock is a major change this year. After receiving the ball from the catcher or umpire, pitchers are required to begin their motion within 15 seconds and 20 seconds with runners on base. If the pitcher violates the pitch clock, it is a ball.

The batter has to be in the box and looking at the pitcher with eight seconds left on the clock. If the hitter violates the rule, it is an automatic strike.

In addition, the bases went from 15” to 18.”  Larger bases were implemented so that more runners would try to steal bases. 18” bases also help limit collisions on the base paths.

The final rule change was the limiting of the shift. Two infielders must be positioned on each side of second base when the pitch is released, and all four infielders need to have both feet in the infield. If the infielders are not properly aligned at the time of the pitch, the offense can choose an automatic ball or the result of the play. The defense can still shift, they just can’t have 3 infielders on one side or 4 outfielders, but this rule doesn’t keep teams from putting an outfielder in the infield. With the new shift rules, predictions can be made that there will be a jump in hits from heavy hitters who pull a lot.

Games should be quick and more action packed this year.