What are Your Friends Doing for Spring Break?

This year Marist High School’s spring break is March 13th-17th.


Faye Bouck

Gavin Rhodes is ready for Marist’s Spring Break 2023.

Faye Bouck, MHS Media Writer

With spring break right around the corner many are finalizing their plans.  People may have plans to go on vacation, hang out with friends, or just stay at home. What are Marist students doing with their week off?

“Hang out with friends, playing games, and sleeping.” – Matthew Martineck, junior

“I’m going to Arizona to see my grandparents and my friends.” – Finn Keaty, sophomore

Now this is common for most, but not all.  Other Marist students are not able to have an entire week completely off due to sports. So, what are these students planning on doing?

“Due to my sport interfering with my spring break, I have practice every day so I am not able to go on vacation.”- Jack Meador, junior.

“For spring break I’m just going to stay home, play tennis, and hang out with my friends”-Alessandro Benedetto Calderone, junior.

“I am going to play lacrosse and hang out with my friends when I can on my spring break.” – Gavin Rhodes, sophomore

It does not matter  if your sport will interfere with your spring break. You can still find a way to make the most out of it. The most important thing to do is focus on yourself and enjoy the break from school!