Burnt Out or Stressed Out?

Students can push themselves or get pushed over the top from working.


Drew Blackburn

A student playing games while they do their homework.

Drew Blackburn, MHS Media Wrtier

Working hard and staying on top of your work is the key to getting good grades. But let’s be real here, everyone succumbs to procrastination and distractions at times.

I am also a victim of this, but while playing games in class may be fun, it can damage your grades. If you miss out on what is going on, you will not succeed on test or quizzes which may negatively affect you.

Extracurriculars may seem important, but school is more important in the long run. Missing activities to catch up on work can help students stay on top.

Here are some key ways to get yourself out of the sticky situation you are in:

  1. Try to get some rest. If you are cramming in work late at night and feel like you can’t process what is going on in class because you are tired, you won’t get anywhere.
  2. Ask for help. Contacting other students on how they solve problems or how they have been doing the work. Peers are doing this work the same way and might know tricks or tips to understand the work.
  3. Teachers are also another resource that can help you. Don’t be afraid to email for help or ask for an extension. Even teachers can fall behind sometimes and will understand you are struggling.
  4. If your stress is causing sleeping problems or making you extremely anxious, talk to your parents and friends.
  5. If your class is unbearably difficult, you might need to consider using the math or writing labs for help.

Lastly, remember it gets better, students and teachers are here to help you succeed in class.