How to Lend a Helping Hand

As you may have noticed, many at Marist has some sort of injury. Our Marist community should always look to lend a helping hand to our fellow brothers and sisters.


Drew Blackburn

Faye Bouck helping Jack Medor get a chair

Faye Bouck, MHS Media Writer

With 26 sports programs at Marist, students involved in those activities are at risk for injuries. No matter the sport or your experience playing it, you are not invincible from injuries.

Latanya Smith, Freshman, when asked about her foot injury says, “It was very unexpected because my prep (leap) was fine, it wasn’t until I had landed that I realized that I could not move it at all.”  Smith had been dancing for 13 years with only one prior injury.

If you see one of your peers struggling due to restrictions from their injury, lend a helping hand. This can be a small act such as holding a door, carrying their belongings, or doing things for them that they cannot.

The biggest help you can be for someone is checking up on them. No matter who that person is, checking up on someone who is struggling can help their morale.

When asked what helped most to get through her injury, Drew Blackburn, Sophomore, says, “My friends saw me struggling after I tore my MCL. They helped me in numerous ways that made me feel like people really care for others here at Marist.”

This goes for other students as well.  Letting someone know that you are there to help can make them feel supported, which at times is all they need.

Having to put your athletic career on hold can be difficult for high school students. Especially for those students that put their life into their sports, or those hoping to play at a college or professional level.

Always look out for others, the smallest actions may have the largest impacts.