Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Vickers

There are many teachers at MHS that are worth bringing light to , and this just happens to be the case of this spotlight’s teacher, Mr. Joel Vickers.


Trinity Eadie

Mr. Joel Vickers

Trinity Eadie, MHS Media Writer

Mr.Vickers is a chemistry and environmental science teacher who used to teach freshman in the honors bio course, but now teaches sophomores and upperclassmen. He is humorous, kind, and always willing to lend a hand when it comes to a student who’s struggling with understanding certain parts of assignments. He always comes in early to help students with questions, and provides insight when needed.

Vickers has been teaching at Marist for 21 years, and his interest in chemistry began with Mr.Jerry Sullivan. He was a mentor to him and gave him a chance to take over Marcellin chemistry after reducing his classes to prepare for retirement . Once Sullivan retired, he took over the class full time. Biology has always been his true major, leading him to teach honors bio, but he’s always loved chemistry and math. He’s great with students and enjoys how they always make his day better and put a smile on his face when they come to class.

Vickers also happens to be the boys golf coach and a boys basketball coach. When asked about his history with golf, he says “I’ve always loved golf as a kid.” His father took him out to golf before his freshman year of high school, then said he didn’t want him to play football which led to Vickers saying he “fell in love with golf” even more.

In a past interview with Mr.Tucker, Vickers was given the opportunity to become the first girls golf coach when Marist went co-ed. It became a very big accomplishment for him. After Coach Richardson stepped down from boys tennis, Vickers had the next opportunity of becoming the new coach, so now, he has coached both teams. However, Vickers is officially the head boys gold coach, leaving the position of head girls golf coach to Mr. Ryan Doidge.

In an interview with Drew Blackburn, sophomore , she talks about her experience in his class. Blackburn originally had Vickers in her honors bio class during freshman year and grew to enjoy the class. She says “I enjoyed how the classroom had a good environment.” All the students had a good relationship with him and it was, “just really fun.”

The enjoyment mostly came from experiments and he would come around and help the students and make it more entertaining for them rather than a struggle. She also enjoyed how he made it a fun experience. It was, “more than just straight on learning.”

Mr.Vickers is a great teacher and we are thankful for him being at Marist and always working hard.