BSU: Be The Voice

Black Student Union (BSU) gives African American students the opportunity to comfortably voice their own opinions and helps form a sense of community.


Camille Jones

Mr. Newell leads a BSU meeting in the Tribute Room.

Camille Jones, MHS News Editor

Formerly known as E.V.O.L.V.E., the Black Student Union was formed after Latinos United formed their own club. Coach Topps and Coach Newell decided it was time to form Black Student Union so that students within Marist can have the opportunity to voice opinions and share the experiences that they have had here.

BSU has become a vital part of Marist as the minority population throughout the school continues to grow. Coach Topps reflects on the past demographics of the school specifically when his daughter graduated in 2009 by saying: “I would say the students of color were maybe 7 to 8 percent of the student body. Now that we’re in the double digits we want to stay there. We want the kids to be able to have a voice and feel comfortable and safe here.”

For the Christmas season, Black Student Union has partnered with Operation Jesus. This non-profit organization has a list of things that they need for donations, and this year Coach Newell and Coach Topps chose reusable bags and socks.

Even though the deadline and Christmas has passed, they will still take donations if you have any that you would like to bring in. There is a collection box in the cafeteria and there is another box in front of Dean Inzinga’s office. The club appreciates any and all donations.

 If you missed this event, you will have plenty of other opportunities in the future to be a part of this community.