Marist Speaks Up About Mental Health

Mental health is a rising problem for teens today with one in five teenagers suffering from this.

Drew Blackburn, MHS News Writer

During the school year students can become extremely anxious and stressed due to classes, other students, families, and inner struggles. When stressed out, numerous go to their guidance counselor for help.

One of the biggest strategies Ms. McNaughton, one of our sophomore counselors, says will help is talking: “We live in a society where it’s not OK to talk about your feelings. So, I think even just being able to talk to somebody and tell them that you’re struggling, or that you’re struggling with something, and having that person listen is very helpful.”

Marist guidance counselors are here to help students throughout the school year.  Our school finds mental health important and is here to help you succeed. Even teachers and coaches are here to understand their students and athletes. An advance email addressing an extension or missing a practice to catch up in classes can benefit you from drowning in work and stress.

Another problem causing student stress is grades for college. Being that Marist is a college prep school, most students prioritize grades. Students focus too much on having high grades, and if they don’t have them, they see it as the end of the world.

“I hope we can find some type of balance of, yes, your grades are important. But are they more important than your mental health and taking care of yourself?” Mrs. McNaughton continues, “You know, people get really stressed about, if they have a low A, or high B, and usually those are really good students. So, it’ll bounce back anyway.”

Ms. McNaughton also provided a strategy for when you are having an anxiety attack or just feeling overwhelmed. This strategy works for students and adults in stressful situations to calm their systems down.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position for yourself and take deep breaths.
  2. Start with your sense of sight. List out five things you can see around you.
  3. List four things you can touch.
  4. List three things you can hear.
  5. List two things that you can smell.
  6. List one thing that you can taste.

Students need to put their mental health just as highly as they put their grades. The mental side of you is just as important as the academic and social side. Students lose sleep and control of their life when trying to juggle sports, jobs, homework, and social life.

Always remember to get a good night’s rest for school. Students who lack at least 7 hours of sleep tend to be tired and lose focus in class. Students who are well-rested can be productive and alert in class to minimize stress.

Lastly, if you have any suicidal thoughts, please call the three-digit number above. Marist is here for all of its students and faculty.