Marist Bowlling Rolling In

With Marist fall sports ending, different athletes now have the opportunity to play.


Marist High School

Marist Girls Bowling practice at Arena Lanes.

Latanya Smith, MHS News Writer

Girls’ bowling tryouts have passed.

“We will be looking for dedication, somebody that’s going to show up and be there every week and how well they bowl,” Girls’ Bowling Coach Colleen Coyne said. Coach Coyne thinks skill and the dedication to work hard are some attributes that make great bowlers.

Girls’ Bowling practices twice a week and their competitions are held at Arena Lanes. The players participate in 2 to 3 games while receiving feedback from teammates and coaches.

On the other side, Boy’s Bowling had its first match after practicing 3 times a week.

During practice, the boys focus on the skills each player needs to become a successful bowler. This includes being confident in their skills.

Boy’s Bowling Coach Michael Brennan says, “consistent in the way that they deliver the ball and that they’re coachable.”  Coach Brennan feels that someone who can shake off a bad game but still learn from it is what can help someone get better at bowling

Coach Brennan said, “I think we could do some really good things with the talent we’ve got.”

Brennan believes this team will grow to become an even better team than it was in previous years.