Marist Alumni Sportlight: Nyherowo Omene

Nyherowo Omene is a 2020 Marist graduate who played volleyball at Marist.  He chose to continue his athletic and academic career at University of Princeton which led him to play with the USA volleyball team.

Cassidy Cage and Faye Bouck

Nyherowo Omene celebrating with his team. ((Photo Credit: PrincetonVolley on Twitter))

Nyherowo Omene began his volleyball career from to his height which led to him to play his freshman year. He began to love the sport and has played ever since.

The Marist Volleyball Program helped prepare Omene for this higher level of play. He explains, “At the college level, points come from the most minute details, and I feel that Coach Vidovic put this as a premium in our practices.”  It helped Omene transition into college easier because he was accustomed to the necessary work ethic.

Omene said, “At the college level you’re representing your entire university at the national level rather than a high school in Illinois.” It was a big change for him, but it taught him how to push through when being under pressure. He believes it’s more enjoyable to play at a higher level.

Nyherowo Omene going up to hit during one of his Princeton games. ((Photo Credits: Princeton Athletics))

This led him into pushing his career even further by joining the USA volleyball team. He has played twice with their Pan-American team and once with Cuba’s national team. It is surreal to him that he is playing for the USA team but also satisfying to reach the level that he’s always dreamed of.

Omene believes all levels of volleyball are still challenging in their own ways, “Despite all this, I believe that volleyball is still volleyball no matter what stage it is.”  He does not let the level of play get to him – regarding volleyball, it is all the same.

Omene is the perfect example of how dedication and hard work pays off. He has spent his life working towards college level volleyball and did not give up until that goal was reached.

This determined mindset has helped him accomplish his goals of making the USA volleyball team.