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The Famous Stanley: What’s the Hype?

Marist student Tessa Dowling with her Stanley. (Photo Credit: MHS Media)

Stanley cups have been a popular item, flying off the shelves and selling out in every store. Many people are passionate about collecting these cups and stand in line for hours to get one. The Stanley trend has also clearly made its way to Marist High School.

The school hallways are flooded with these cups in all different sizes and colors. The cups also encourage students to drink more water during the day. Their popularity is increasing rapidly, and many are curious about why they are so popular. 

“Stanleys are so popular because they are cute, and many people want to be trendy,” said Marist Sophomore Tessa Dowling.

MHS Media conducted a poll of more than 100 students. It found that 22% had Stanleys, and about four students had Stanleys in any given classroom.

Stanleys have been storming the internet and even were even featured on Saturday Night Live. They made a skit mocking how popular Stanleys are becoming. In the skit, they pretended to be country girls advertising for “Big Dumb Cups.”

Although people joke about how popular Stanleys are becoming, some are doing abnormal things to be a part of the trend.

According to ABC News, a woman was allegedly arrested for stealing over $2,500 worth of Stanley cups in California on January 17. She stole  a whole shopping cart of them, which the police said contained 65 cups. 

Another case was in Miami, where a woman and seven other Target employees were fired for buying the exclusive Starbucks Stanley cups. According to The Daily Mail, seven workers were fired for violating the Target employee purchase guidelines and giving themselves an ‘unfair advantage’ against guests who were camped outside the store waiting to get one. 

What makes Stanleys different from any ordinary cup is that it has an easy-to-carry handle and also fits well into any cup holder.

Stanley claims that their cups are manufactured to last forever. On, they say their cups are a durable stainless steel design and use recycled materials. They plan to use at least 50% percent recycled stainless steel in their products by 2025. 

”My Stanley holds a lot of water for me, and it is easy for me to carry,” said Marist junior Drew Blackburn. 

Although many people love Stanley, it is not without its flaws. 

One of the problems with Stanleys is that they contain lead, which can be dangerous. According to Fox News, Stanley says on its website that the Stanley tumblers have ‘some lead’ in the steel but none of it touches the surfaces of the products. 

Another problem people should be aware of is the risk of over-hydration. Based on a report by ABC7 News, Dr. John Whyte of WebMD recommends people monitor how much water they’re taking daily. Even though large water bottles are meant to encourage people to drink more, over-drinking water could lead to serious health issues. 

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