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Should Marist Allow Sweatpants Under Skirts? 

Editorial: Girls should be allowed to wear pants under their skirts for warmth and comfort
Aubrey Rowe
Sophomore Addie Woodward shows off her sweatpants

Throughout the 2023-2024 school year, Marist High School has had a problem with the female dress code. Many females would like to wear sweatpants under their skirts, but the staff are not allowing it. I have collected data and opinions from the female students who attend Marist to support my position that sweatpants should be allowed during the school day. 

First of all, allowing sweatpants is both comfortable and practical. It allows us to stay warm and move freely throughout the day. Plus, it is a personal choice and should not be restricted. 

If you get caught with your sweatpants on you will receive a detention. 

“I got a jug today because I was wearing my sweatpants walking into my seventh-period class,” said sophomore Molly Julian. 

While we are having a stressful day, walking through school, the last thing we want to do is get in trouble. A detention for wearing a piece of clothing makes us feel drained and defeated.

“The worst thing is getting a jug just because I am wearing sweatpants,” said freshman Kailynn Solis. 

The weather throughout Chicago has been extremely cold lately. It was so cold that the school days were canceled. The females were able to wear sweatpants for the week. This made many female Marist students feel ecstatic. 

“I love wearing my sweatpants. I wish we could just wear them all the time,” said junior Ellie Vahl. 

Sweatpants will really help us stay warmer in the winter because tights and khakis do not do the job. In addition, while wearing sweatpants we could also wear leggings under the sweatpants for another layer. 

Due to my curiosity, I decided to do a two question poll that included questions about the sweatpants situation. My poll included twenty girls. My first question was “Do you think girls should be allowed to wear sweatpants under their skirts?” 

Out of the 20 girls, 19 of them responded with “yes” and just one of them responded with “no.” That makes 95 percent of the girls who think sweatpants should be allowed. 

My second question was: “On a scale from one to five, how much would you like to be able to wear sweatpants under your skirt?” There were 10 girls who responded. Those responses were all the same. They all answered with the choice of five. That makes 100 percent of the girls wanting to wear sweatpants very badly. 

After conversing with many of the teachers, I realized that many of them think it is “unprofessional” to wear sweatpants under our skirts. In the future, we are not going to be able to wear comfortable clothing to our jobs. But for the meantime I think it is acceptable. 

We are  teenage girls who are dealing with a lot. There are many female students that have after school activities, which makes us get home late and stay up late to do the homework our teachers assign us. If we know we can go to school feeling warm and comfortable, without getting in trouble, we will get through the day much easier.

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Aubrey Rowe
Aubrey Rowe, Journalism and Media 1 Writer
My name is Aubrey Rowe, and I am currently a sophomore here at Marist. This is my first year doing MHS Media. I went to Mount Greenwood Elementary School. I play lacrosse at Marist. I like to hangout with my friends in my free time. I am excited to be in Journalism!

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