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Marist’s Most Adventurous Teacher 

Marist’s newest science teacher, Mrs. Stefanie Reilly, is quite possibly the most daring teacher at the school. From exotic trips, roughing it outdoors, and swimming with sharks, she has done it all. 
Reilly in a forensics meeting.

“[My husband’s] favorite saying is, ‘in for a penny in for a pound.’ If you’re gonna do something, do it one hundred percent,” says Reilly. 

She certainly lives her life by this philosophy. 

“I did like a ten day backpacking trip in Canada where we had to use canoes and paddle thirteen miles into Canada and there was like no phones, no plumbing, nothing. I’ve gone down to the Bahamas and lived on a sailboat for ten days,” says Reilly.

Reilly finds joy in new experiences and is more adventurous than most.

“We went to Cancun for our honeymoon and we got to swim with whale sharks… I almost got whacked in the head with its tail,” says Reilly.

Even with all of those adventures under her belt, she’s not done yet. 

“I would love to go cage diving and see a great white shark,” says Reilly.

Her love of adventure has been with her since childhood. She was even a part of the Boy Scouts for about six years. 

Along with that love of adventure, came her love for science. In fact, Shark Week on Discovery Channel was her favorite week of summer growing up. 

“I knew I wanted to do science. I started off as a marine biologist. It took me six years but I got there,” says Reilly.

Eventually, her love of science led her to her love of teaching. Reilly has a special bond with her students and regards them all warmly in the halls. She attributes her rapport with students to her young age and teaching style. “Being up on all the lingo,” as Reilly puts it, is a great way to form connections. 

“I can joke around and be silly as long as we’re getting work done and being productive. Science is kind of like that, you can have fun and still learn,” says Reilly. 

However, there may be one thing Reilly seems to love more than science: her husband Dennis. Although they have been married for only six months, they have been together for ten years. 

“We were high school sweethearts,” says Reilly. 

The two adventure together regularly and currently have the goal of visiting every national park.  

Despite the pair’s seemingly fearless outlook on life, Reilly does have one debilitating fear: snakes. 

“I’m terrified of snakes. Thing is with zoos…they say it’s the bird house and then it’s the bird and reptile house. So I walk in there and I literally… hide behind my husband because the snakes freak me out so much. I start getting anxiety shivers,” says Reilly.

In contrast, Reilly’s favorite animal is a koala, and she owns two dogs that she considers her children. 

“I call them my little dogos, even though they are like sixty pounds and could tackle me,” says Reilly. 

Reilly is excited for her next adventure here at Marist. 

“It’s a bit of a jump coming to Marist, but I’m really excited I’m here,” says Reilly. 

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